After spending hours and hours getting Ubuntu to install on a Windows 8-optimized laptop (more on that later) I was having incredible problems getting the wireless to work. Honestly, I haven’t had problems with Linux and wireless since Ubuntu 8, but my 12.04 install just refused to recognize the Ralink RT5390R wireless card installed in my HP laptop. It’s an HP2000 laptop with a Ralink RT539B card.

Finally, after some serious searching, particularly in the Ubuntu forums, I got it working, with the help of some posts by users chili555 and ironv. If anyone else is having problems, here’s what solved it for me.

1. Download the driver from Ralink’s website. Assuming you also have the 539B card, download the RT539x PCIe package from

2. Unpack:

tar xvjf -filename

3. Here’s where things change. Edit ./os/linux/ file to reflect the following:


4. Now search for NIC5392_PCIe_DEVICE_ID in all directories.

grep -r -n NIC5392_PCIe_DEVICE_ID .
./include/chip/chip_id.h:60:#define NIC5392_PCIe_DEVICE_ID 0x5392
./include/chip/rt5390.h:67:#define NIC5392_PCIe_DEVICE_ID 0x5392
./os/linux/pci_main_dev.c:75: {PCI_DEVICE(NIC_PCI_VENDOR_ID, NIC5392_PCIe_DEVICE_ID)}
./os/linux/rt_rbus_pci_drv.c:1380: (device_id == NIC5392_PCIe_DEVICE_ID)
./os/linux/rt_rbus_pci_drv.c:1669: case NIC5392_PCIe_DEVICE_ID:

Now, everywhere that turns up (see the above example) you must add an additional line, directly after it and formatted exactly the same, with NIC539B in place of NIC5392. So if you do another

grep -r -n NIC539B_PCIe_DEVICE_ID .

you’ll get:

./include/chip/chip_id.h:61:#define NIC539B_PCIe_DEVICE_ID 0x539B
./include/chip/rt5390.h:68:#define NIC539B_PCIe_DEVICE_ID 0x539B
./os/linux/pci_main_dev.c:76: {PCI_DEVICE(NIC_PCI_VENDOR_ID, NIC539B_PCIe_DEVICE_ID)}
./os/linux/rt_rbus_pci_drv.c:1381: (device_id == NIC539B_PCIe_DEVICE_ID)
./os/linux/rt_rbus_pci_drv.c:1670: case NIC539B_PCIe_DEVICE_ID:

5. Once that’s done,

sudo make
sudo make install
sudo modprobe -r rt5390sta
sudo modprobe rt5390sta

Then reboot. Your wireless should now be working.

REMEMBER: this fix only works if you have the 539B device!! If you’re not sure, run

lspci -nn | grep 0280

That line should finish with “Device [1814:539b]”.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Wireless on the HP in Linux

  1. Hello,

    I have the hp 2000 laptop (what a joke) and aside from the uppety mousepad throwing me all over the place (and even going back or forward on pages at times, I would like to add the wirelss but your directions state ” ./os/linux/” is to be edited. What if there isn’t a anywhere in the linux mint 13 distribution?

    • Hello,

      First – about your mousepad issues: I had the same issues, and I put a script in my startup items that turns it off, and I just use a portable mouse. Solves that problem. If you need the script, let me know and I’ll post it.

      The file is located inside the PCIe package you just downloaded and unpacked. It should be there regardless of which distribution you’re using – though I might be mistaken. Just cd into the unpacked folder and into the os/linux folder and look for it there.


  2. Oh man…’s always me….before age set in I was always right…uggghh Well the 2000 series are junk (too many of them come through this store….we always know what to stay away from working here shows us especially when the problem is the same general pattern for the series (in contrast to others that come in with problems…when it’s truly a manufacturer defect, it’s kind of obvious by the numbers or probabilites).

    Thanks for the offer on the script though…probably might be appreciated if you posted it anyway (I just can’t be the only one down this road”;-)

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